Headlines: Episode One

Since this blog was started there’s been a Halloween tradition; a horror movie liveblog in the lead up to Halloween. Sadly this is the first (and hopefully, only) year where that won’t happen. For personal reasons (mainly lack of internet) I’ve been unable to do it in time (it turns out there’s a lot of films in the Halloween franchise, like at least 2). So to make up for it I decided to post something special. Years ago we made a short called 10:41, which was a romantic comedy set during a school shooting (to read about the logic behind it read here). Well I still like that idea and felt it had potential to be more than it was so. So with help, I came up with a plan to write it as a series, every episode focused on a different character caught within a tragic event, using the original film as the first episode. So here, as a treat, is the script for the first episode. I haven’t looked at it in about 2 years so I’m hoping it still holds up, I remember there was quite a bit of dialogue I’m going to need to cut out at some point, and I’ll do that in the future once I’ve finished the current scripts I’m working on. So until then, enjoy this:

Episode 1; Walter And Jenna

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