Troubled Productions Filmography

#connected (2017)
With the world at your finger tips you’re never alone…right?

Little Warrior (2015)
Created with RPG Maker, Little Warrior tells the tale of a little boy who when faced with the harsh realities of life, is protected by his teddy bear from those monsters in the closet.

Profile (2017)

A short film about Online Identity and its unseen victims.

A surreal dramedy that follows young, but burnt-out film-maker Christopher and his dreamlike odyssey through abstract recreations of his filmography. With the help of his own fictional creations he is forced to confront the bitterness and isolation he has wrought upon himself.

Venation Blind: Noir Cut
A re-masted cut of the classic film noir pastiche.
A short Neo-noir thriller about a triple homicide, and the effect it has on its young investigator, Lesley Mattock, as he uncovers the secrets and lies behind it.

Three Words
A micro romantic drama, that chronicles the relationship of a young couple, through the different contexts in which they say those three magic words everyone wants to hear.

A micro psychological thriller, about a cyber stalker: made of footage only captured from a computer screen.

With their bitter break-up forgotten, this warped romantic comedy follows Rachel as she struggles to keep the relationship with her amnesiac boyfriend together.

10:41 (rough cut)
A pair of unlikely students form a bond when they’re trapped together after a shooting breaks-out at their University. This film is currently undertaking a complete re-edit to get it ready for films festivals. Till that it done please enjoy this rough cut.

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