Pride And Prejudice And Zombies

I posted this somewhere else earlier this year, the film is now available on netflix so thought I’d repost as a bonus blog. Enjoy!

I went into this with both high and low expectations. High because I loved the trailer, it looked amazing and it looked brutal. Low because I heard bad reviews and it hadn’t done too well at the box office, only making £7.4million (or 31.37 million in Turkish Lira) in the opening ten days. So I was excited but prepared to be underwhelmed.


At first I disliked parts of this film, I found Sam Riley’s Colonel Darcy voice a bit too fake and silly, and Matt Smith’s character was slightly annoying. Then I noticed that that’s kind of the point. Darcy is supposed to seem aloof and odd, and Mr. Collins was supposed to be a foppish fool. Both of them actually deserve kudos of the highest order for this. Matt Smith could’ve just played it as The Doctor again and the character would have been charming, he wouldn’t even have needed to change the dialogue. But…

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