Musings On Marvel: Day 1 (Iron Man)

Director: Jon Favreau (Made, Elf)

Budget: $140million

Box Office: $585.2 million

  • For some reason I always felt Incredible Hulk came first, probably because it’s never ever referenced again.
  • Three references to Marvel in the opening 10 seconds, in case you thought this was a DC movie or something.
  • Tony Stark drinking whiskey, making jokes and talking about banging women. OMG he’s so cool and totally not wish fulfilment for a bunch of 13 year old boys.
  • Ewww he made a myspace reference. That was a dated reference even back then. But I suppose he is old so we should be pleased he didn’t make a bebo reference.
  • Army guy making a peace sign.
  • Let that be a lesson kids, taking pictures with billionaires results in explosions.
  • That’s a lot of bullet holes in the wall and yet surprisingly none hit the main character.
  • Why did he have his phone out then? Was he tweeting? “OMG, about to be blown up with my own weapon #Irony”
  • You know these guys are evil because they look foreign and have beards, and because they’re pointing a gun at someones head and seemingly making a ransom demand.
  • “he graduated summa cum laude”. I also hope to cum laude in the summer.
  • Would Rolling Stone really put a weapons manufacturer on the front page? They’re just not that well known, really, name one.
  • This guy’s bald, he’s definitely evil.
  • “colour me up will you?” Didn’t you already do that in Tropic Thunder? You can’t black up again.
  • That was a really weird laugh.
  • Wait, they’re in Malibu? That’s either a 1 hour flight, a 4 hour drive, or a 4 day walk. No way were his pick up lines enough to make it worth her waiting that long. He must have paid her.
  • Like he’d listen to Suicidal Tendencies.
  • Tony Stark has at least three people who basically run his life, well, two people and a robot. So it’s kind of hard to believe he’d find it difficult to trust people and not want to work in a team when it comes to the Avengers movie. “I work on my own, I’m a loner, walking down the lonely road, alone, on my own, with these three people”
  • “When you need your diaper changed let me know and I’ll get you a bottle”. You don’t know how to change babies do you?
  • “Repulser technology” I already have that, it’s called my face.
  • “The bad guys won’t even want to come out of their caves”. Well the biggest threats to peace right now are North Korea, China, and Liverpool, not a lot of caves.
  • “presenting, The Jericho” Does that weapon break the walls down?
  • “Welcome Tony Stark, the most famous mass murderer in the history of America”, somewhere, Ted Bundy is crying.
  • “your life’s work is in the hand of those murderers”, as opposed to the previous people who used those weapons, who used them only to cuddle teddy bears.
  • So this guy’s discussing how he can’t wait to see his family. Thus almost guaranteeing he’s going to die.
  • Wait, why does that guy look through the tiny hole in the door? They have video surveillance.
  • Ah, there’s the mask, for the missile. Because all missiles have masks obviously. These bad guys are idiots, they deserve to die.
  • Why are these trained soldiers and they’re running away from someone who can’t even hold a gun properly?
  • He’s breathing heavily and saying “I want this, I want this”.
  • Not one of those shots went through the MASSIVE eyeholes he has?
  • For a multimillion dollar action film the fire effects in this are f*cking awful.
  • Wouldn’t that fall have liquified him inside the suit? Or at the very least caused massive damage? I mean, when he landed his body would have bounced off the inside of the metal suit, he’d be in a lot of pain, definitely not able to walk across the desert.
  • Oh wait he’s injured, he’s got two cuts on his face and his arm is in a sling in which I’m sure will be plot significant and certainly won’t be forgotten about.
  • “We’ve been approached by the CIA, the FBI, the DOD” the AC/DC, the MIA, the LOL and the ROFL.
  • Bald, and riding a segway, definitely evil.
  • Little information on this guy hosting the finance news: he’s a guy called Jim Cramer. He’s known for getting a lot of very big decisions wrong. For example he said that everyone should invest in Bear Stearns as they’re safe and will never depreciate in value. 6 days later the company went under. He then complained he’d been unfairly treated by the media and that all he said was that money was safe, not that you should invest. Which is true, to find him saying that you have to go back a whole 7 days before they went under.
  • That crash into the concrete would have killed him. That’s at least twice he should have died.
  • “Come on we’ve got tot break the ice” how about a “how are you?” usually works.
  • How on earth is that tea still steaming hot? Or coffee, whatever.
  • “Proof that Tony Stark has a heart”. Oh, but when I ask for a display case to be made for my bosses heart then suddenly I’m a psychopath and no longer fit to work. Political correctness gone mad.
  • “bizarre and highly controversial press conference”, yes, because nothing is more controversial than “I don’t want to kill people anymore”
  • Really unsubtle Stan Lee cameo.
  • “We need to debrief you” you can at least buy him dinner first.
  • Where does that shell end up? Seriously, a shot is launched at him and it flies behind him. But there’s no explosion or anything. It’s like it just faded into the ether.
  • “We’ve got visual on the bogey” Then ask him to wipe his nose.
  • “A man with a dozen of these could rule half of Asia” yeah but would you want to? Seems like a lot of work.
  • That weapon that paralyses you is the most useful weapon in the entire Marvel universe. So obviously it’s never used again.
  • Wait, so nobody translated this? Wouldn’t that be the first thing you do?
  • “Next time, baby”. Lol, not for you.
  • So Tony stops people in cars being hurt, by launching a massive metal suit onto a car?
  • Tony here fighting against a guy in a suit, thank god that never happens again
  • “you gave me the best weapon”, no that paralysing thing is waaaay more useful.
  • “and now I’m going to kill you with it”. You had loads of chances to kill him. For example, when he was fucking paralysed.
  • “I am Iron Man”. do do do do Vote For Me.
  • Actually I have a problem with that. Ideally should be “I am Iron Man”, then it ends. But there’s like a two second gap between him saying it and it ending. Just seems weird.

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