Top 5 Video Games of 2015

A Motion for Control

Sequence 01.Still002

Merry fucking Christmas you filthy animals! Twenty-fifteen is coming to an end and with that marks the swath of obligatory and admittedly arbitrary reflections of the year in list form.

merry yo

I’m not usually one to put numbers next to things I like, but in the spirit of the season I decided to concede and reduce my favourite games of the year down to a saccharine sequence of bite-sized summaries with all the journalistic integrity of a Daily Mail column.

Disclaimer: I’ve chosen five games for my list because I’ve missed out on a lot of releases this year and most of what I’ve played has been a catch-up on games from previous years, so yeah. Also, I didn’t get the chance to play The Witcher 3, so take heed before crucifying me for my blasphemes.

Kicking it off at number five:

Take a fucking bow, son: it’s Rocket League

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